CPU Boost

STEAK 🥩 Information!

How it works!

If you send WAX, you will get STEAK 🥩 tokens sent as a reward for using the service at a rate of 1000 STEAK 🥩 earned per 1 WAX spent. So if you buy 100 WAX worth of CPU Rental, you will also get 100000 STEAK 🥩 tokens that can also be used for renting CPU. Essentially the STEAK 🥩 rewards incentivize using the system in order to use STEAK 🥩 for your CPU needs!

When you use STEAK 🥩 tokens to rent CPU they are used at a rate of 2000:1 WAX of rental CPU.

So 2,000 STEAK 🥩 sent gets you 1 WAX of rental CPU, but for 48 hours instead of 24 hours.

Example Scenario!

I am wanting to upgrade my RPlanet lands now but I don't have that much CPU staked. In order to get the best bang for your WAX you can use the cpu.steak rental service.

Lets say I have 100 WAX, I can either just stake that and get 100 WAX in my CPU that I really don't need all the time, or I can use the rental service to get a hefty multiplier on my WAX for the next 24 or 48 hours.

So I rent 100 WAX worth of CPU so that I get 500 WAX of usable CPU for the next 24 hours. That's 5x the amount of transactions!

I get 500 WAX staked to my CPU for 24 hours plus I get 100,000 STEAK 🥩 tokens that I can either use for a 48 hour boost, or I can sell the tokens on market and get something back for using the service.

There will also be STEAK 🥩 auctions and other ways to use the token as time goes on.